I have a career history covering over 12 years in IT and the last 10 years in the film and TV industry (yep, I am no spring chicken). During this time I have worked in America and Europe and travelled around the UK as a contractor. I have been involved in multi-million pound IT projects as a systems analyst, business analyst and project manager, working in both the financial and insurance industries. I moved into the tv and film industry as I have always had a passion for video, graphics and music and wanted to try a different career area,

Since being in this industry I have done showreel work for tv and film actors and performers, edited documentaries for the big screen and film festivals and provided video and technical support to a whole host of well known companies over the years. My work has been featured in large department stores, airports, fashion houses and even presented to the 2012 Olympic Committee. (A certain designer was showing her designs to the committee, it was my edit she used)

Anyone who I have worked with will tell you although I am a little geeky and a very knowledgeable technical guy when it comes to film and video formats, they have always had fun while they worked with me and been kept far enough away from the tech not to scare them but just close enough to still feel they have control… and have always been delighted with the product or service I delivered at the end.


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