A mild mannered corporate Property Services Coordinator by day and a poi spinning Boho filmmaker / editor by night.

20170902_181350Having worked and lived in London for the majority of my professional life, I reached the tipping point. I hated my job, didn’t like where I was living and London suddenly felt like a miserable place to be; overcowded and grey. I decided to simplify my life and moved to Brighton two years ago, selling everything I owned. I have not looked back since.

My life is now about balance.I have a fun, flexible day job that I make work for me, so I can spend my personal time working with people on projects I enjoy doing. I am not motivated by money, fame or titles. For me, it’s all about enjoying my life and meeting interesting, creative people along the way.

I have ten years experience in banking and insurance, eight years in post production (not to mention a few years lost somewhere in the 90’s). I have worked in the U.S, Europe and all over the UK with a wide range of clients ranging from blue chip companies, to TV and film personalities and celebrities. I worked in systems analysis and design, project management, technical support, web and graphic design. Currently I film and edit my own projects with various clients and during the day assist in property managing a building of over 700 people.

My ultimate goal is to build a portfolio of filming and editing work by tucking into the funky avant-garde and Bohemian culture that Brighton is known for. This will include singers, musicians, fire eaters, poi spinners, Burlesque dancers and everything in between. I’ll just be steering clear of the Absinthe.

Steffan (January 2019)


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