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Steffan Sulien provides affordable filming and editing services to small businesses and Indies. He is a Brighton based freelancer with a career background in London’s buzzing TV and film post production industry. He also delivers technical IT solutions to creative businesses, helping them get the best from new technology. Learn more about him at

Meetings and Music Videos

So popping out today to meet with a Brighton based female rapper to discuss the possibility of collaborating on a music video. Looking forward to doing some new work with people.  #meetingsandmusicvideos


My New Website

So after digging around online for a couple of days and refreshing my HTML and PHP knowledge, finally managed to solve that little problem with the form on my website. Yay! people can actually contact me now and their submission doesn’t just disappear into cyberspace somewhere.

If you haven’t seen it yet, please go visit, why not send me a hello using the form that now works 🙂