Why Slice when you can Mash?

Whether you a professional DJ, an audio remixer or just someone who like to mess about with tracks and sounds, there is nothing worse than you have gone to all the trouble of making your killer mix and then just uploading it to YouTube with just a boring fixed image sat there while it plays…. Here’s where I come in…

One of my favourite types of edit work are mashups and the more artists you can cram in your mix the better it is for me to do a killer video edit to match it. So if you have a remix lying around but don’t have a video for it or have got a brand new mix ready to be released on the world, drop me a line.

But wait, before you fire off that email or FB message me, here’s the catch … as this blog asks ‘Why Slice when you can Mash?’ , for the video to work it needs to have multiple tracks and artists combined and overlapping not just a remix of two tracks together.

A couple of reasons for this; if it is the same artist all the way through singing with a different backing track, this is just going to be a remake of the video already for the track so I am not interested as you can’t go anywhere with the edit. Secondly, the dreaded copyright take downs are a nightmare for mashup editors like myself so if the track is too similar to the original, we won’t be able to actually get it uploaded anywhere where the video will be allowed to play. But apart from that …

So get Mashing and send me those remixes, I look forward to hearing from you.

Contact me through the contact page on here or Facebook messenger.

Click on the links below for some example mashups where I worked with Albertino Xim and Sir Hank on some mixes (Click on their name to got to PromoDJ.com to listen to some of their mixes).

Britney Spears VS the Imagine Dragons VS TLC

DNCE Vs Kesha VS Kelis

Michael Jackson VS Madonna VS Katy Perry





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