Hit me Britney one more time …

Good start to the new year by smashing out a new mashup and bonus, finally got to do a Britney edit (with a little help from The Disciples, Imagine Dragons, TLC and Technotronic).

The audio is another stomping mix by Albertino and Sir Hank, using the bass line from the disciples to hold it together giving it a really good turn the volume up and dance feel. The timing couldn’t have been better give all the fuss this week about Britney doing Brighton Pride (she crashed the ticket sales website within half an hour) so I was pleased to get this one out there.

This my probably my favourite edit now, especially as I was a great fan of TLC and ‘Creep’ so having this in then later on really works well. Britney is a little fast motion wise as the track was a lot faster than the original but I think I get away with it after a while as visually you tend to get used to it. The Imagine Dragons ‘Thunder’ is a pretty strange and cool video with dancing aliens so the mix makes it interesting.

You can view the video on my facebook page (as usual because of the copyright in some of the visuals, youtube doesn’t allow it, one of the down sides of doing mashups.)

For more great mixes, visit Albertino or Sir Hank on promodj.com




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