Sia drove me mad ….

It’s not what you think, I actually love Sia’s music and it’s not like I have met her in person and I’m sure she’s lovely  but the problem is she never appears in music videos.

During my normal nosing around Facebook and DJ websites I came across this really great mix from a DJ from the Netherlands called Albertino Kroezen (Xim) and after a few messages, downloaded the mix and got all excited about doing a video edit to such a stomping dance track which features The Eurythmics, Kesha, Sia and Fifth Harmony. Check out his DJ page for other remixes there’s some great stuff on there.

Problem was I didn’t actually listen to the whole mix and then when I did, realised that David Guetta’s Titanium is in it quite a lot and the only video that exists is that really weird rubbish one with that kid running away from the Police… oops.

So this is why ‘Sia drove me mad‘ as she does great music but no videos so I had to search around online for any footage of her and edit something together.The footage is not as good a quality as I would have liked but unfortunately I had to settle for whatever I could find and ‘spruce it up a little’.

So we got there in the end, I made my life a little more complicated as I wanted to introduce parts of one video into another video where possible with shots of screens and stuff like that but overall was really pleased with the result. I also got to use my new Red Giant effects plugins and refresh my memory on Adobe After Effects. Albertino loved the new video and we are doing more work together so watch our for regular mashups this year – yay !!

So apologies Sia … I love you really …

Watch the finished video on vimeo here (opens in new window)  Eurythmics VS Sia

A special mention must also go to Sir Hank who did the original audio remix and collaborated with Albertino.





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