Back from a break …

After a break of a couple months from video and graphics while I was off doing so IT related office work instead, have got back to my editing laptop and done some house keeping.

As good as time as any as the year draws to a near and after some updates to the software (and some nasty ones I had to reverse out) finally got Red Giant Universe plugin and effects to work (the picture is an example of an effect) and my true geeky video nature comes back out. Looking forward to getting back to doing some video mashups again and hopefully some brand new video projects in the new year.

Been a nice year, had a slightly lazy summer in Brighton, didn’t do as much as I thought but at the same time, enough to ‘tick over’ and it was the first time in years I have had any time off so I can forgive myself for a few beers on the beach. The time allowed me to have a think about stuff, decide what I do and don’t want to do and what I will and won’t do anymore ….need to get in contact with some Brighton DJs so can get some cool mashups for video work from them then who knows ….


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