La Roux VS Agnes Video Mashup

So delighted and excited to have finished my first video mashup of the remix from Pitch Perfect the movie ‘La Roux VS Agnes’.

This is a new link as I had problems with youtube.

Watch La Roux (Bulletproof) VS Agnes (Release Me) Video Mashup

#larouxvsagnes #videomashups

It just goes to show when you are doing something you love, you don’t realise how long you spend on it, what time of the day you are up till or the work involved, you just enjoy doing it.

This was fun, can’t wait to get on with the next one now. An interesting challenge, different speed video to audio, had to find an acapella version of the Agnes track to add some audio back into audio mix and then Agnes wasn’t actually singing much to camera in the original video so had to spend a lot of time moving things around.



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