Music Video Mash-Ups

So now I am all settled in Brighton is time to get on with some work and while I am on the hunt for new DJs, singers, bands and other creative people , I am starting work on editing stuff I enjoy which includes music video mashups.

So the plan is to  at least once a month to produce a video edit mashup and while for the time I will be using other people’s mashups that don’t have video edits on youtube, the plan is to work with DJs hopefully and do some original work.

So to start I am working on Agnes Vs La Roux which was  a superb remix and was made famous in the movie Pitch Perfect, video to be posted end of this month or sooner depending on my workloads…. yay !

Any DJs out there that read this, please feel free to get in touch, would love to work with some creative musical people.


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